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production advantages;

According to ISO and TUV quality management system requirements, the company has 100,000 class clean workshop, professional high temperature aging room and two semi-automatic equipment, reagent production line. The company has dozens of sets of professional equipment for production and inspection, such as spraying gold synovium, automatic cutting machine, automatic filling machine, sealing machine, high-speed centrifuge, oscillator and so on.

Research and development

The company has two R&D teams of medical equipment R&D team and laboratory reagent R&D team, with more than 30 core R&D teams of electrical, microelectronics, material engineering hardware and software, and doctor and master of Biochemistry with many years of experience in the industry.

Product advantage

All products are manufactured in accordance with the European Union CE and the United States FDA standards for human products, equipment through EMC electromagnetic compatibility test, reagents through a large number of animal clinical verification, product quality is reliable. Since its launch, thousands of customers in China, Europe, the United States and other regions have been listed.

After-sale service

The company has established a technical service support team with many years of service experience in medical equipment, clinical laboratory and animal husbandry and veterinary professional background, through expert training, hospital training and regular user visits, visits and so on to provide users with pre-sale, in-sales and after-sales professional product technical service support! The company holds the position of "providing animal diagnosis and treatment product service plan".

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